Steiner Vision Video

Published at 12:00PM. Written by Kelli Dion.

Now is the Time to Build

From the beginning, Hill Country Bible Church has been passionately committed to the vision to share the love of Jesus with every man, woman, and child in Greater Austin.

Ten years ago, we started the Steiner Ranch Campus in an effort to move the gospel forward in this area, and we are amazed at what God has done to make Jesus Christ known to this community.

As a part of our efforts to invigorate and accelerate our vision through One Mission, we felt God calling us to purchase land in Steiner Ranch so we could build a permanent church presence in the community. God provided the funds through the generosity of our church family to purchase the last piece of available land in Steiner Ranch, and now we are ready to move forward and build.

By creating a permanent facility in this community, we know God will open doors to reach thousands across Steiner Ranch, Lakeway, Bee Cave, Four Points, and more.

More children than ever before can be brought into their first worship experiences, and students can bring their friends and engage with their peers throughout the week. We’ll no longer run the risk of losing our temporary meeting space. Instead, it’ll provide a permanent witness for the community. As locals drive in and out of the area, they’ll see the presence of Christ in Steiner Ranch, opening doors for them to engage in a church family and experience the love of Christ.

We’re asking God to perform a miracle to make this dream a reality. While our end goal is to create a permanent presence in the community to reach thousands, the road to that goal is a rich process of prayer, trust, and faith in His power. While we journey together as a church family and individually, we know God will use this time of prayer, surrender, and seeking Him to draw each of us closer to Him in our spiritual walk. Time and time again, we’ve seen Him use being a part of initiatives like this to transform our personal lives by helping us give up the barriers that lie between us and a growing relationship with Him. Not only is this a bold endeavor to reach others with Christ, but it’s an opportunity for us to know the Lord more deeply and intimately in the process.

This is a bold journey of faith, but we’re confident it’s the journey He wants us to take. Let’s move forward in faith together.