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Office Address: 14735 Bratton Lane, Suite 125, Austin, TX 78728 (See on Map)
Mailing Address: 14735 Bratton Lane, Suite 125, Austin, TX 78728

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Main Location in the MUD Recreation Center
3000 Shoreline Dr
Austin, TX 78728


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  1. Does Disappointment Cause You To Be Offended?
    25 Jul 2017 .

    Running For President When I was a yearling (sophomore) at West Point, I had this great aspiration to be the student body president. I thought it would be a great idea for me... (Read More)

  2. Means To The Great End
    22 Jun 2017 .

    I am probably not alone when I say that if I don’t feel like reading my Bible or praying, I tend to avoid it. Because of that statement, I want to dedicate a post to spiritual disciplines, although... (Read More)

  3. Walk in Love – Battling lust as a Christian Community
    07 Jun 2017 .

    A few years ago it was raining heavily on my way back to Austin from the Houston airport. When I was driving I suddenly found myself hydroplaning off the highway, flipping into a... (Read More)

  4. How Do I Get Rid Of This Thorn In My Side? Battling Lust As A Christian
    01 Jun 2017 .

    Let’s get real. There are some obvious sins that EVERYONE knows they should not do: murder, adultery, and stealing. Pretty much every moral system would not condone these, am I... (Read More)

  5. Three Reasons You Need To Read The Prophets
    24 May 2017 .

    Once in a while, in my Bible reading, I get tired of visiting New Testament books. And that’s okay; there’s a wealth of truth and perspective to be found in the Old Testament, too.... (Read More)

  6. Wives, Kill the Foxes
    11 May 2017 .

    Marriage is hard. Anyone who’s been married even a little while has been baptized into that reality. It’s the honest truth that the cotton-candy, fairy... (Read More)

  7. Should God Always Give me the Desires of My Heart? Part 2
    19 Apr 2017 .

    Taking Sanctification Seriously: Nailing Sin to the Cross If marriage is an idol, how do you crush it? The truth is that as long as we live, we will wrestle with sin. That... (Read More)

  8. A Mind Set On Earthly Things
    11 Apr 2017 .

    In early March I had the opportunity to give a sermon at The Well (young adult ministry). It was my first time to preach, and I wanted to speak about something impactful, something that was... (Read More)

  9. Think Short-Term
    30 Mar 2017 .

    Some of you heard about the Texas Church Bus Crash. (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/03/29/texas-chuch-bus-crash-multiple-fatalities-reported-near-garner-state-park.html) that occurred... (Read More)

  10. Should God Always Give me the Desires of My Heart? Part 1
    24 Mar 2017 .

    Those of us who frequent Christian circles are well versed in trendy go-to coffee cup verses. Psalm 37:4 is one of the trendiest: “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you... (Read More)